Our Next Project

Work is continuing on a few different projects behind the scenes here.

Theres something of a race going on to see if the next adventure we complete will be either a newly emerged project, or one of the two stories tantalisingly teased at the back of Still Life and Death (on sale here:  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/214156 or on our very own store: http://meltingpointpublishing.co.uk/shop/still-life-and-death ) or if a heretofore little mentioned adventure may pip them to the post.

Either way, there will be some new fantastic adventuring opportunities on the horizon for your players – so watch this space – and don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date and sent the occasional special offer!


Our First Product Is Available To Buy

Our first product, a stand alone Savage Worlds adventure, is available from our store and from DrivethruRPG. Take a look at whichever site you prefer to buy from:

Still Life and Death



Buy yours before they’re sold out – oh wait… thanks to the wonders of modern publishing that will never happen!

So buy yours because its a great story, and this is your opportunity to join us.


UK Games Expo

We had a great time at the UK Games Expo!

If you’re visiting this site in the next couple of days or weeks then dollars-to-doughnuts you heard about us via one of the fliers we distributed around the expo.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, our product range is going live any day now, and as a thank you we will be offering it at an introductory discount – sign up to The Melting Point to be kept up to date on when this happens so you can make the most of this time sensitive offer.

I hope we meet you all again at next year’s expo – and you can expect us to have a larger presence next time 🙂


Our First Product

We are hard at work creating our first product.

We hope to have more info for you shortly.
Check back here for first news about our upcoming product range, and other future developments.

Don’t forget to sign up to The Melting Point to be kept up to date with out latest news and offers!