Ongoing Products

Things have been a little quiet here, but that’s not because we’re resting on our laurels after our successful Kickstarter 🙂
Not at all!

We’ve been working like crazy to get everything out and ready ASAP.
Our priority is everything Kickstarter related, but we are also moving forward with a couple of smaller projects.

Our current Priorities are as follows:
The Krell Effect Adventure for Savage Worlds
Books 1 & 2 of the Fantasy PC Pack for Savage Worlds

We are also seeing some great progress with an as yet untitled fantasy adventure that I’ve been using to test run some of the characters for the Fantasy PC Pack.
We have a cool Fantasy story called Hammer of Fate thats our longest adventure to date, which is currently on hold until our Kickstarter projects are all released, but as soon as our schedule is a little more empty we will definitely be looking at finishing off the remaining portions of that adventure for release.

I’ve also been looking at converting our first ever adventure, Still Life and Death, to the FATE system, as I’m really enjoying running that system with my regular gaming group, and i feel with a little tweaking we can make a really great addition to our catalogue.

So, thats our work schedule for the near future!


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