Lacking Character

We’re helping out those Games Masters in a rush with a product that should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

One of our soon to be released adventures is set in a fantasy world of intrigue, magic, and warfare – all you need is to add characters, and off you go.
But what about Games Masters who haven’t the time to pregen characters, or don’t want to spend a session with everyone arguing over who’s going to be the healer?

To help get you all playing as soon as possible, we will be releasing a huge array of eighteen (!) characters to choose from as playable characters.

Each will come with their own fully written character sheet, including all stats and even a cheat sheet section for how to use their abilities.
Each also comes with a section describing their background, their appearance, and how to roleplay them. Each is rounded off with an accompanying picture.

The characters range from a human barbarian, to multiple types of wizard, and from dour dwarfs to acrobatic elves. There’s even two lizard men, a Rakashan, a half-orc and two half-folk!


You’re free to use them in any campaign you like, but you might get a few odd looks if you play a wizened wizard wondering around a deep space ice hauler!

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