PC Pack now live

Our 8 PCs ready for use in Still Life and Death or any other Savage Worlds adventure is ready for download.
It’s a ‘pay what you like’ product on DriveThruRPG, meaning you can download it for free if you want.

Check it out here:


Or you can download it for free on our shop here:

Eight of the best

We have released a new product!

We felt that there were a couple of elements that we wanted to add to ‘Still Life and Death’ without re-editing the book.
As such, we have released a free/pay what you want 42 page add-on book.

The book contains Veteran and Seasoned versions of eight different characters, for a grand total of 16 possible characters.
Each character has a two page character sheet (there is also a blank page for you to add any additional information, Edges, or gear they may gain during play).
They have a full colour photo, background, and roleplay style section. Each also has a section helping newer players to learn how to use their Edges during play.
The characters are as follows:

Lady Eleanor Reese – Kind Hearted Socialite

Bruno Bunt – Aging Former Boxer on a Quest

Moira Tavistock – Thief and Con Artist

Daniel Gabstone – Persuasive Businessman On A Mission

Patrick Lexx – Ex-Army Private Investigator

James Corinth – Kind Hearted Private Investigator

Peter Irons – Wealthy Outsider With A Tragic Past

Stan Brickley – Retired Former Police Officer Who Refuses To Quit

These characters have been created to provide everything a team of investigators will need, from healers to fighters, socialites to intimidating brutes, etc.
These characters are perfect for use in ‘Still Life and Death’, but can easily be used for any other game you want too.


There is also a bizarre looking flier that can be given to the party as a handout when they investigate Jane’s house. The flier has been created using public domain images that are either directly copied from, or inspired by, genuine Victorian style images.
The flier has been designed to look like it’s been created on an old style, basic hand cranked printing press.
It should look strange, and give the party a feeling that something is wrong with anyone who would crete such a flier to advertise their business.


We hope you enjoy the new product.
You can download it from our store, or the DrivethruRPG store, and if you enjoy them then please leave us some positive feedback – feedback is incredibly useful to small companies like ours – many people won’t buy a product until someone else has reviewed it.

Lacking Character

We’re helping out those Games Masters in a rush with a product that should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

One of our soon to be released adventures is set in a fantasy world of intrigue, magic, and warfare – all you need is to add characters, and off you go.
But what about Games Masters who haven’t the time to pregen characters, or don’t want to spend a session with everyone arguing over who’s going to be the healer?

To help get you all playing as soon as possible, we will be releasing a huge array of eighteen (!) characters to choose from as playable characters.

Each will come with their own fully written character sheet, including all stats and even a cheat sheet section for how to use their abilities.
Each also comes with a section describing their background, their appearance, and how to roleplay them. Each is rounded off with an accompanying picture.

The characters range from a human barbarian, to multiple types of wizard, and from dour dwarfs to acrobatic elves. There’s even two lizard men, a Rakashan, a half-orc and two half-folk!


You’re free to use them in any campaign you like, but you might get a few odd looks if you play a wizened wizard wondering around a deep space ice hauler!

Newsflash – The World is a Strange and Wonderful Place!

This just in – crazy coincidences do sometimes happen!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes since our last update on an exciting new product that’s about 65% complete. So imagine our happy surprise when we realised a previously developed adventure was pretty much perfect for release via Melting Point?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been editing and formatting the adventure, and we are on the verge of sending it out for sale(the writing and formatting is done, now for the final proofreading and art) – so watch this space for more updates.

Heres a small hint, the 65% complete adventure is a fantasy story, and the new adventure is more of a contemporary/high tech story that can be adapted to a number of campaigns.

Check back here in the next couple of days and we will keep you informed about whats going on, and when the new adventures will be out via Drivethrurpg and our own store.

Our Next Project

Work is continuing on a few different projects behind the scenes here.

Theres something of a race going on to see if the next adventure we complete will be either a newly emerged project, or one of the two stories tantalisingly teased at the back of Still Life and Death (on sale here:  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/214156 or on our very own store: http://meltingpointpublishing.co.uk/shop/still-life-and-death ) or if a heretofore little mentioned adventure may pip them to the post.

Either way, there will be some new fantastic adventuring opportunities on the horizon for your players – so watch this space – and don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date and sent the occasional special offer!


Our First Product Is Available To Buy

Our first product, a stand alone Savage Worlds adventure, is available from our store and from DrivethruRPG. Take a look at whichever site you prefer to buy from:

Still Life and Death



Buy yours before they’re sold out – oh wait… thanks to the wonders of modern publishing that will never happen!

So buy yours because its a great story, and this is your opportunity to join us.


UK Games Expo

We had a great time at the UK Games Expo!

If you’re visiting this site in the next couple of days or weeks then dollars-to-doughnuts you heard about us via one of the fliers we distributed around the expo.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, our product range is going live any day now, and as a thank you we will be offering it at an introductory discount – sign up to The Melting Point to be kept up to date on when this happens so you can make the most of this time sensitive offer.

I hope we meet you all again at next year’s expo – and you can expect us to have a larger presence next time 🙂


Our First Product

We are hard at work creating our first product.

We hope to have more info for you shortly.
Check back here for first news about our upcoming product range, and other future developments.

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