Still Life and Death

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A 43 page Savage Worlds stand alone adventure.

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The first stand alone adventure in the Shadows of Horror anthology series.

Victorian England.

Your party are hired by a young man looking for his missing finance.

Their investigation leads them to a bizarre traveling art gallery full of grotesque antique paintings of what seems like missing people being chased, captured, and killed by a variety of monsters.

The party find themselves plunged into a range of horrific situations as they have to fight their way free from a house besieged by zombies, escape from being sacrificed by an unholy death cult, and fight toe-to-toe with a demonic pig-ogre in its blackened forest lair.

Ultimately, the party come face-to-face with the mastermind of the scheme that is creating these situations and must find a way to stop their vile plans from coming to fruition – otherwise a powerful, ancient evil will be unleashed upon the world.


A Savage Worlds adventure for 3-6 players.

43 pages

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